Dr. LaVena Wilkin is Dean of Conflict Management programs at Sullivan University.  She has been with Sullivan since 1999 when she became an adjunct instructor for the College of Business.  Before joining Sullivan University, Dr. Wilkin spent twenty-six years in the construction industry, and three of those years she co-owned a masonry sub-contracting company, with sales in excess of $2 million annually.


 After selling the construction company in 2001, Dr. Wilkin came to work full-time at Sullivan serving as the Associate Director of the Evening and Weekend Division.  Dr. Wilkin was also the Dean of the College of Business for Sullivan University for three years. 

Since 2008 at Sullivan, she has been:

Dean of Conflict Management Programs

Director, PhD Programs

Dean, PhD and Graduate Management Programs

Currently she is Executive Dean of the College of Business and Technology.

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