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Dealing with conflict

I have been missing in action this past month and I apologize for that.  This week I will take up where I left off on May 16. I hope you will continue with me.   This week I will start with me getting my life out of balance.

In part, we can begin to know our true selves by living our lives from the inside out, not the other way around.  This means to be aware of our deepest inner feelings about ourselves and to trust ourselves!

Wayne Dyer tells the story of twin babies in their mother’s womb.  One is named Spirit and the other is Ego. 

I realized that there are probably many people who (at least occasionally) have thoughts of not being worthy or not being good enough.  And, sometimes, we experience the “imposter syndrome”. 

In February of 2020, I started writing a talk that I was going to give in March 2020; however, it got derailed by the pandemic.  As I considered how I wanted to organize this talk, I saw a post on Facebook from a colleague of mine.  She said......