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Dealing with conflict

As I have pondered peace and how my thinking and perceptions can destroy my peace, I realized that faith is the foundation on which I can build a life where I can truly experience peace.  

Repeating from last week, faith is not necessarily connected to a religious discipline. I see faith as the ability to believe even when we cannot yet see the results.  It requires us to focus on the good and keep our eyes on positive outcomes.  Faith is not necessarily logical.  In fact, in some cases, it goes beyond our mental understanding, and it defies logic, since it asks us to believe things we cannot see with our eyes.

Without faith, it would be difficult to live from a state of conscious awareness, it would be difficult to express gratitude for every life experience, and it would be difficult for me to be the joyful, loving, peaceful, abundant being that I am meant to be. 

Wayne Dyer likens faith to having a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.  It is the knowing that if we open our minds to all possibilities, we can create miracles in our lives and live from a space of peace.