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Dealing with conflict

This is a story about how one man, in spite of devastating circumstances in his life, created peace in his and his daughters lives by keeping the faith that by writing a positive happy story it would somehow help both of them.  And it did.

As the holiday season of 1938 came to Chicago, Bob May wasn’t feeling much comfort or joy. A 34-year-old ad writer for Montgomery Ward, May was exhausted and nearly broke.  His wife, Evelyn, was bedridden, on the losing end of a two-year battle with cancer. This left Bob to look after their four-year old-daughter, Barbara.

One night, Barbara asked her father, “Why isn’t my mommy like everybody else’s mommy?” As he struggled to answer his daughter’s question, Bob remembered the pain of his own childhood.  A small, sickly boy, he was constantly picked on and called names.  But he wanted to give his daughter hope and show her that being different was nothing to be ashamed of.  More than that, he wanted her to know that he loved her and would always take care of her.  

So, he began to spin a tale about a reindeer with a bright red nose who found a special place on Santa’s team.  Barbara loved the story so much that she made her father tell it every night before bedtime. As he did, it grew more elaborate.  Because he couldn’t afford to buy his daughter a gift for Christmas, Bob decided to turn the story into a homemade picture book.

Come back next week to continue the story of  Bob May’s and how his story changed their lives.