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Dealing with conflict

In February of 2020, I started writing a talk that I was going to give in March 2020; however, it got derailed by the pandemic.  As I considered how I wanted to organize this talk, I saw a post on Facebook from a colleague of mine.  She said......

“I have struggled with being worthy enough my whole life.  I am just now realizing it is up to me to create my own worthiness. ”  She always had wondered if she was “good enough”. 

This really struck me because this lady is strong, lovely, and kind.  She is talented and just all around awesome.  I pondered this for a while, and I reached out to her.  She and I had a wonderful conversation.  She explained to me that some of her feelings of not being good enough are deep rooted from childhood experiences.  I think many of us have old tapes that occasionally start to play and blur the vison of our true selves.  She told me her personal vision was to be more authentic, which is why she shared those thoughts.

I will continue this matter of worthiness next week; I hope you will join us.