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Dealing with conflict

Wayne Dyer tells the story of twin babies in their mother’s womb.  One is named Spirit and the other is Ego. 

Spirit says to ego, you may find this difficult to accept, but I believe there is life after birth.  Ego says “Don’t be ridiculous.  Look around you.  This is all there is, so you should accept your life exactly as you see it.  There is not life after birth.”

Spirit is quiet for a while, and says “Ego, don’t get mad, but I think there is a mother, and when we meet her it will be joyous beyond anything we have ever known”.  Ego ridicules Spirit.  “How can you be so absurd?  You have never seen mother, and that idea is crazy. Why can’t you accept that this is all there is?”

Our egos try to tell us we are not enough; we are not worthy; what we see is what we get.  As Wayne Dyer says, we have to suspend our old, tired, worn-out belief system and tame our egos so we can know our true selves. 

Next week I will discuss how we can practice knowing our true selves