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Dealing with conflict

In part, we can begin to know our true selves by living our lives from the inside out, not the other way around.  This means to be aware of our deepest inner feelings about ourselves and to trust ourselves!

We can observe what is happening inside our bodies and our minds.  We can sit quietly and just watch what comes and goes in our minds; don’t try to control the thoughts, just observe them.  Soon we can begin to feel our true selves.

Too many times we put our faith and trust in our outer environments.  We look to other people for validation, or we measure our lives by how much money or power or whatever society tells us we should value.  When we discover and trust our true inner selves, we begin to value and rely on the qualities of love, forgiveness, kindness, and joy.  When we are able to see ourselves as we really are, we experience a sense of peace and inner contentment that passes all understanding. 

Habits of creating my own inner peace begin with living life from the inside out.