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Dealing with conflict

I have been missing in action this past month and I apologize for that.  This week I will take up where I left off on May 16. I hope you will continue with me.   This week I will start with me getting my life out of balance.

When I give talks, the topics evolve based on what I need to focus on in my own life and lessons.  I have learned as I navigate my life.  I always try to focus on being more mindful and living more consciously and intentionally. 

I sometimes allow my life to get out of balance, which does not feel very magical.

Everything comes to us in a flawless method in life which is for our highest good, even if we can’t see it at the time.   This means that what we might feel is a “burden,” a problem, a challenge or an issue, is part of the orderly plan of our lives. We are being given the opportunity to experience [each] situation from a different point of view and to attempt to see the benefit of the experience.  This is sometimes extremely difficult but always effective in relieving the pain of the situation.