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Dealing with conflict

Magic moments, lead to magical days, which leads to magical years, and that culminates into a magical life. 

For me, it is sometimes easier to have compassion for others than it is to have compassion for myself.  And, I realized recently that I am not alone. 

According to the world, if we have 20-20 vision we see perfectly with our outer eyes.   May we adjust that a bit and consider that 20-20 vision is how we see the world…………it our perception of our worlds, both within and around us.  Optimistic people see their world through rose-colored glasses, and they look for the good in people and circumstances.  It does not mean we have our heads in the sand and ignore reality.  It just means People with a gloomy outlook focus on what might go wrong……..We all see the world through a particular lens, and we can choose what it is.

As we grow in consciousness, we create a more loving and peaceful world. From the inside out.  Reality created with your attention. The story you are telling yourself. Your limiting beliefs. Fear of consequences.  Reprogram. Edit the old tapes. See it clearly in your mind and it becomes reality.