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Dealing with conflict


Dr. Wilkin’s Presentations


Dr. Wilkin has made presentations and facilitated workshops on communication, conflict, and change for the following organizations:


Managing Conflict With Your Dissertation Chair, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) (February 2021) 

P.E.A.C.E. From Conflict Presentation, Association of Conflict Resolution – Houston Chapter (February 2021) 

P.E.A.C.E. From Conflict Presentation, High School Educators – Professional Development (January 2021)

 Multiple Presentations for the Academic Leadership Academy (October 2020) 

Creating Harmony by Using the P.E.A.C.E. Model of Conflict Management, Archdiocese of Louisville Workshop (September 2020) 

Introduction to Conflict Management Course Modules, Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) (March 2020) 

Multiple Presentations and Workshops for Unity of Louisville (June 2012-February 2020)

P.E.A.C.E. From Conflict, Center for Non-Profit Excellence Workshop, Louisville, KY (February 2020) 

Nurturing Workplace Engagement and Motivation Workshop, Education Center, Ft. Knox, Kentucky (January 2020) 

Mulitple Presentations at the Sullivan University College of Pharmacy (November 2009 - December 2019) 

Multiple Presentations at Sullivan University Faculty Retreats (November 2010 -October 2019) 

From Discord to Harmony:  Five Strategies for Making Your Workplace Hum Presentation, Kentucky Association of State Financial Aid Administrators (October 2019) 

Warning: Workplace Bullies Can Be Hazardous To Your Health Presentation, Integrating Women Leaders 5th Annual Conference (April 2019) 

Multiple Presentations for the  Academic Leadership Academy (September 2015 -April 2019) 

Key Note Speaker Sigma Beta Delta Induction Ceremony (October 2018) 

P.E.A.C.E.© From Conflict Presentation, FireKing Security Group, New Albany, IN (July 2018) 

Finding Your Style: How the Way We Engage in Conflicts Influences their Outcomes Presentation, Duke Energy, Cincinnati, OH (March 2018) 

P.E.A.C.E.© From Conflict, Society for Human Resource Managers Presentation, Heart of Kentucky Chapter, Campbellsville, KY (February 2018) 

Key Note Speaker Sigma Beta Delta Induction Ceremony (October 2017) 

Workplace Bullying: Addressing the Antecedents and Outcomes Presentation, The Governor’s Equal Employment Opportunity Conference (October 2016) 

Louisville Downtown Partnership Workshop, Conflict Management Workshop (May 2016) 

Emerging Fields in Education Presentation, Southern Association of Schools Commission on Colleges (December 2015) 

Principles of Conflict Management Presentation Central Kentucky Society of Human Resource Managers, Danville, Kentucky (August 2015) 

Dealing With Difficult People Presentation, Raymond James/CPA Seminar, Lexington, Kentucky (April 2015) 

Dealing With Conflict: Practice P.E.A.C.E.© Presentation, Active Heroes (June 2014) 

From Discord to Harmony: Managing Conflict in Your Workplace Presentation, Society of Human Resource Managers, Lexington, Kentucky (June 2014) 

Recognizing and Preventing the Damage Caused by Workplace Incivility Presentation, The University of Louisville, Delphi Center (April 2014) 

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader Presentation, National Guards Yellow Ribbon Event, Cynthiana, Kentucky (April 2014) 

Conflict and Violence Presentation, University of Louisville School of Psychiatric Medicine, Diversity Day (March 2014) 

Guest on Joe Elliott AM 970 Radio Show discussing Conflict Management (January 2014) 

Teaching P.E.A.C.E.© Presentation, Fern Creek Rotary Club, (December 2013) 

How to Work With Difficult People Presentation, University of Louisville, Department of Academic Advising (August 2013) 

Relationship Detoxification – Incivility at Work Presentation, University of Louisville, Ground Rounds Session for Department of OB/GYN and Women’s Health (August 2013) 

Workplace Bullying:  The Silent Epidemic, Presentation University of Louisville, Campus Climate Committee (July 2013) 

Women Business Owners:  How Earning A Graduate Degree Helped Us Become Entrepreneurs Presentation, Visiting Students from United Arab Emirates, Sullivan University, Co-Presented with Kim Castle (April 2013) 

Conflict Styles and Communication Presentation, Agile Project Management Users Group, Farm Credit Bank (January 2013) 

The P.E.A.C.E© Model: Exploring Peace through Conflict Presentation, University of Louisville, Grand Rounds Presentation, (December 2012) 

Teaching P.E.A.C.E.© Presentation, Louisville Sunrise Rotary Club, (November 2012) 

Workplace Bullying: Cost, Consequences, and Coping Strategies Presentation, University of Louisville Brandeis School of Law, Guest Lecturer, (March 2012) 

Successful Retention Strategies: A Case Study for Retention Webinar, Campus Management, (February 2012) 

Forgiveness through P.E.A.C.E, Guest on blog talk radio show hosted by the Texas Conflict Coach (November 2012) 

Workplace Bullying:  The Link Between Incivility, Bullying, and Violence Presentation, American Society for Industrial Security (November 2011) 

Workplace Bullying:  Causes, Effects, and Coping Strategies Presentation, North American Council for Staff, Program, and Organizational Development Annual Conference (October 2011) 

Kentucky Bar Association – Pursuing Justice in the 21st Century – One of four panelists – Roundtable discussion on Effective Mediation Techniques (June 2011) 

Conflict and Negotiation:  Leading through Conflict Presentation, Kentucky Pharmacy Residency Networking Group (July 2011) 

Conflict Resolution Workshop, Alcan Aluminum (April 2009) 

Conflict Management Consulting, Appalachian Regional Health Care (February 2009) 

Conflict Resolution Train the Trainer Class, the Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana (September through December 2009) 

Conflict Resolution Workshop, Altuglas Chemical Company, Louisville, KY (August 2008) 

Conflict Resolution Workshop, Zirmed (April 2007 and July 2007) 

Conflict Resolution Workshop, TMP Computer Systems (January 2007)

 Basic Mediation Skills Trainer for the International Center for Dispute Resolution (June 2005) 

Seminar trainer for the Ford Motor Company Louisville, Kentucky (September – October 2005)     

Conflict Management and Conflict Styles Presentation, American Red Cross (November 2010) 

International Conference of Education Research and Training Institute of East Aegean, Samos Island Greece, Title:  Workplace Bullying: A Multi-faceted Approach for Management to Address Bullying in Today’s Organizations - Paper Co-written with Alexia Georgakopoulos and Brianna Kent.  Paper was presented by Dr. Georgakopoulos (July 2010) 

The Psychology Research Unit of the Athens Institute for Education and Research, Title: Workplace Bullying:  A Case Study Presented with Conflict Resolution Graduate Students in Problem Solving Facilitation Sessions – Paper Co-written with Alexia Georgakopoulos, Faculty Advisor.  Paper was presented by Dr. Georgakopoulos (August 2008)  

From Discord to Harmony: Making Your Workplace Hum Presentation, Kentucky Society of Certified Public Accountants (September 2008) 

Facilitating Change Seminar Presentation, Services, Industrial, Professional and Technical Union (March 2008) 

The Southern Industrial Relations and Human Resources Conference.  Title:  Bullying and the Right to Dignity at Work (October 2006)


Conflict Resolution Seminar for the Department of Juvenile Justice L.E.A.D. (July 2004 and July 2005)