Conflicts happen, and workplaces often are a breeding ground of toxic relationships. Competition for resources, power struggles and internal politics, different cultural backgrounds, varying beliefs, and a host of other issues all combine into a cauldron of simmering dissension. Managers are expected to be able to deal with conflict with little or no training or experience in most cases.  ,

Effective resolutions can transform discord to harmony.  Into these environments steps the new edited book by Dr. Wilkin and Tony Belak entitled From Discord to Harmony: Making the Workplace Hum.  It is a collection of articles by leaders in the field concerning subject matter such as workplace bullying, conflict coaching, alternative dispute resolution strategies, and many other topics designed to help you navigate the maze of conflict in your organization. 

It is an evidence-based volume, in many cases offering cutting-edge research that can help you mitigate the damage caused by unproductive conflict in organizations. 

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