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Dealing with conflict

The first step to becoming an engaging leader is to practice the Platinum Rule, which encourages you to treat others the way they want to be treated, rather than the way you think they want to be treated.  Take the time to find out the employees’ emotional and intellectual needs, and then you can meet them. 

Help employees find purpose in their work. Employee engagement starts with genuine top leaders who encourage confidence, collaboration, transparency, empowerment, and innovation.  Leaders who are able to walk that walk will see an increase in commitment, passion, and pride for in the organizations for which they work and for a job well-done. 

Think about the creativity and productivity of employees who do not look forward to Friday or dread Monday.  The good news is that employee engagement is not a costly new initiative that may not work.  An investment in time and in your most valuable resource, your employees, can reap immense benefits.  The next installments provide specific steps that drive employee engagement, including ways to improve communication, create a motivational culture, provide constructive feedback, and igniting passion in your employees.