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Dealing with conflict

Organizations that embrace employee engagement practices may want to review their hiring practices.  Look at the job descriptions on recruiting sites, and you will see a strong emphasis on skills and education.  And, while employees certainly need specific skills and education to perform their job duties, behaviors and traits may be a better indicator of employee engagement and job success. 

Consider the behaviors and traits of the top performers in your organization.  Passion, dedication, positive attitude, and trustworthiness are likely on this list.  Skills can be taught, but these traits and behaviors are often inherent.  Moreover, one study found that almost 90% of employees who are not successful leave because of their traits or attitudes. 

Many years ago, as a new business owner, I needed to hire a bookkeeper.  I interviewed several people who had this skill, but I hired a person without any bookkeeping experience. However, she was smart, willing to learn, and was a self-starter.  This was one of my best hiring decisions.  She often went above and beyond the job expectations, improved our processes, and became a valued office manager.  The discretionary effort she gave our company is a hallmark of employee engagement.