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Dealing with conflict

You get back what you put out there.  If you want kindness, give kindness.  The energy behind our actions has the power to transform.  Low, negative energy fueled by anger, fear, and guilt not only weaken you, but they also attract more of the same. 

Giving and receiving kindness are intimately linked.  Yet, some have a more difficult time with one or the other. 

I started thinking if we can make a difference with unconscious acts of kindness, we can have an awesome impact when we practice conscious, mindful kindness. 

I had another lollipop moment a few years ago.  I had a student in the PhD program relate an experience to me.  

Have you heard of Lollipop Moments?  I had not until I called someone in another department for some information, which she provided.  Then, she asked, “Do you have a minute?” and of course, I said “yes”.  She asked me if I had heard of lollipop moments, and I had not.