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Dealing with conflict

I heard a story that illustrates how being kind can have unanticipated effects in a person’s life. Here is the story: 

 Alex had been homeless for a while now.  One cold morning in February, while he was sitting on the ground just trying to stay warm and ignore the rumbling in his stomach, a woman approached him.  She had on a nice coat and was obviously used to the finer things in life.  His first thought was that she was going to make fun of him or chastise him like others had.  “Leave me alone,” he growled.  To his amazement, she kept not only kept standing there, but she also smiled at him.  “Are you hungry”, she asked?  Sarcastically, he responded, “No, I just had a steak and lobster dinner”.  To his further amazement, she reached down and tried to help him to his feet.  Angrily, he said “What are you doing, Lady.  I told you to leave me alone”.  

About that time, a police officer walked up and asked if there was a problem.  The lady said, “No problem here, Officer.  I am just trying to get him to his feet.  Will you help me”?  The officer said “This is Alex.  He has been a fixture in this area for a while now.  What do you want with him”?  The lady said, “See that restaurant over there?  I am going to get him something to eat and get him out of the cold”.  

Alex resisted.  “Are you crazy, Lady? I don’t want to go in there”!  Then, he felt strong arms grab his other arm and lift him up.  “Let me go, Officer.  I didn’t do anything wrong”.   The officer said, “This is a good deal for you, Alex.  Don’t blow it”.  

Reluctantly, Alex went into the restaurant with the lady and the police officer.  The restaurant manager walked over and asked what was going on.  The officer responded that the lady brought Alex in and wanted to buy him lunch.  The manager said, “Not in here.  Having a person like that here is bad for business”.  The woman turned to the manager and said, “Sir, are you familiar with The Sterling Company”.  

Part II to be continued.  Please stay tuned.