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Dealing with conflict

The kindness story continues from last week with Part II.  You can read Part I in the previous blog post, 1) Conscious Kindness: A Story - Part I.  

Impatiently, the manager responded, “Of course, I am.  They have weekly meeting and host business dinners here”.  The lady replied, “And you make quite a bit of money off their business, right”?  “Yes”, responded the manager, but what business is that of yours”?  The lady responded, “I am Quinn Sterling, the President and CEO of the Sterling Company”. “Oh”, said the manager, and he walked away.  

The police officer said, “Well, you sure put him in his place”.  She responded, “That was not my intent.  I have a reason for all of this”. 

Quinn Sterling sat down across the table from her dinner guest and asked him if he remembered her.  Alex told her she did look a little familiar.  She said, “I am older than I was when you were the manager at this restaurant.  One day I came in, and I was cold and hungry.  I had just graduated from college, and I came to the city looking for a job, but I couldn’t find anything.  I had been evicted from my apartment and had 17 cents in my pocket.  I walked in here to see if I could work for something to eat.  You said that was against policy.  Then, you made me the biggest sandwich I had ever seen and gave me a cup of coffee.  I saw you take money from your wallet and pay for my lunch.  Something about that act of kindness made me know that everything would be ok”. 

She went on to say that she left the restaurant and found a job that very afternoon.  She worked her way up in the company, and eventually left and started her own business.  And, I have never forgotten your act of kindness.  She pulled a business card out of her wallet and told Alex to go see Mr. her HR Director.  He was expecting Alex.  They would not only offer him a job, but also give him an advance so he could find a place to live and buy some clothes.  Kindness begets kindness.  Kindness has the power to change lives.