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Dealing with conflict

If kindness makes us happier and healthier, if it improves our relationships with others, why would we choose to be anything but kind? 

Wayne Dyer says you cannot give away what you don’t have.  We can only give away love and joy if that is what is inside of us.  Our responses are the energy we have inside of us.  If you feel anger, you have anger inside your body.  You cannot show kindness and compassion to others if you lack self-respect.  

Dr. Dyer gives the example of squeezing an orange.  When you squeeze an orange, you get orange juice because that is what is inside an orange.  When someone squeezes you or puts pressure on you by saying something critical or unflattering, what comes out?  Anger, bitterness, anxiety?  Or love, compassion, forgiveness, and understanding?  It can also be difficult to respond kindly when someone does not treat us kindly.   In those cases, it helps to ask ourselves “What is my purpose here? What is inside me?   And, given all that is going on in the world today, it is easy to get distracted and feel overwhelmed by the incivility we see.  However, if we can realize that we started this life with a kind nature and remember to be conscious that true kind nature, kindness can prevail.