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Dealing with conflict

Have you heard of Lollipop Moments?  I had not until I called someone in another department for some information, which she provided.  Then, she asked, “Do you have a minute?” and of course, I said “yes”.  She asked me if I had heard of lollipop moments, and I had not. 

She went on to tell me that in one of her master’s-level courses, the professor held a discussion about acts of kindness that made a difference in their lives.  She said, “You might not remember this but when I first started working at Sullivan, you were teaching the basic management course, and I took your class.  I only went a few weeks, and I withdrew”.  She said, “You came to me told me I was doing very well in the class, and you encouraged me to keep working on my college degree”.  This was important to her because her family had always given her the impression that her brother was the smart one, not her.  She lacked self-confidence.  But she listened to my words of encouragement, and she not only finished her Bachelor degree, but also went on to earn her master’s degree.  I do remember having this conversation with her, but I had no idea it made an impression like that. 

As you may have guessed from the story, a Lollipop Moment is when you don’t realize just how you have impacted someone’s life.  Often, you never will find out about your Lollipop Moments, but I have been fortunate enough to have discovered several of them.

 I will share another instance of one of those Lollipop Moments next week.