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Dealing with conflict

Giving and receiving kindness are intimately linked.  Yet, some have a more difficult time with one or the other. 

After a meeting at school one day, I admired our assistant’s new designer purse.  I mentioned that I needed to get a larger purse, so I could carry my laptop in it and stop lugging around my computer case.  She said, “I have a brand-new Michael Kors bag at home in my closet.  I used it once, and didn’t like it, and I will give it to you.”  “Oh, no”, I said, “I will pay you for it”.  She insisted that it was just gathering dust in her closet, and she did not want any money for it.  Finally, it dawned on me that the flow is give and take.  How would I feel if I offered kindness to someone, and they said “no, thank you”?  I accepted her generous act of kindness.  

It is important to keep the energy of kindness and compassion flowing.  Circulating kindness, both receiving and giving it, keeps it alive and vital.  If we refuse either the receiving or the giving, we are cutting off the flow of good.