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Dealing with conflict

I’ve had people ask me why some people are better able to cope with being treated poorly, while others carry that hurt with them for years? I have developed a Theory that tries to answer the question of how home people can cope with Workplace Bullying while others carry the hurt for years.

Many of the targets of a workplace bully state that it has devastated their personal and professional lives.  They often ask me how they can move past these negative emotions and begin to cope with the experience.

Lately, there seems to be more and more talk about workplace bullying.  In this blog entry, I will discuss some behaviors that are associated with workplace bullying; possibly you will recognize some of them.  

Many managers view Workplace Bullying as an interpersonal issue that the individuals need to work out for themselves.  However, research has shown that Workplace Bullying may be more distressing to employees than other work-related issues combined.